Botox Treatments

Botox is a very effective method for reducing wrinkles. Botox injections can be used to smooth wrinkles in the neck and face.

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Face Lifts

The most popular face lift method in the medical/cosmetic industry is botox. Botox is priced by the unit in most clinics in Botox Brisbane or Botox Gold Coast. Face lifts are those who are over 40, with skin that is visibly loose on the neck and face. While face lifts might give one a more youthful appearance, the procedures are not without risk. Alternatively, you may try the ultrasound cavitation.

We've all seen photos of famous celebrities who have a permanent surprised look due to bad surgery. When one undergoes a face lift, one also runs the risk of suffering from permanent disfigurement. Scarring may also occur, though steps are taken to ensure that scarring is minimal and on a hidden location on the face or neck. Alternative Face lifts are another of the types of non invasive face lifts skin treatments that can tighten the skin with no surgery or injections. A doctor uses laser technology to resurface and tighten the outer layers of the skin.

A medical process called threading is another popular option for a non invasive face lift. Threading elevates the brow, removes laugh lines, fixes the mid-face sag and lifts the neck and jaw line. The procedure involves a surgeon threading six to 18 sutures through a hollow guide and into the skin and the deeper soft tissue. This procedure takes less than 30 minutes. Face lifts are performed by board-certified plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons. Read our face lift techniques to learn more.


Botox Injections

The best treatment for you will depend on the area being treated and the severity of the wrinkle, both of which vary from individual to individual. Get a botox injection and ejoy a youthful look, as same as when you were wearing a cute baby cloth nappy. Muscle Relaxers are made from purified protein derived from a bacteria. It works by inhibiting the release of a chemical from the nerve ending (acetylcholine) that causes the muscle to contract. Injectable muscle relaxants are used to treat wrinkles and work by relaxing the wrinkle-causing muscles that cause people to frown or squint, creating an improved appearance. Once the muscle is relaxed, you cannot contract it and continue to make the undesirable facial expression. We offer wrinkle injections at our clinics. The procedure quick, painless and there's no downtime. The treatment is performed by qualified physicians, and there are no nurse injectors.