What is a Root Canal Treatment?

If you do not maintain oral hygiene, you increase the risk of cavity in your teeth. In most cases, that requires a root canal treatment. The root canal which consists of the pulp made of soft tissues and nerve are damaged if the tooth decays. Fix an appointment with Chatswood Dentist for a thorough examination. Dentists often recommend the root canal treatment, if the cavity starts damaging the tooth.


While there are no particular symptoms for root canal, the basic symptom is severe toothache. When you are chewing your food or apply pressure on a particular tooth, you feel a lot of pain. In addition, you will notice that the tooth is losing colour. Root canal also creates a swelling and tenderness near the gums which make your tooth extra sensitive.


If your tooth is cracked, it will affect the soft pulp tissues and nerves. If you do not follow proper dental care, it can often lead to deep cavity in your tooth. Moreover, if you have injured your tooth, it can increase the possibility of a root canal treatment.

Dentists say that if the root canal is not treated, the pulp tissues die inside the tooth. As a result, you will notice pus formation around the root called abscess. This painful barrier around the infection will destroy the crown or bone of the tooth. In addition, it will cause swelling and throbbing pain to your tooth. You will not be able to eat anything without increasing the pain in your tooth.