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Termite Baits as Termite Treatment

Termites are dangerous and a hassle because they can cause severe damage to your home, and usually it would take a big amount of money to repair it. Just the thought of having a termite infestation in our house can send chills down into our spine, or it can give a heart attack to the owner of the house. That is why it is really important to eliminate all the possible termites that are living in your house before they hatch million of eggs. Remember that the queen of the termites usually lays more than thousand of eggs in just one day, what more if you are just going to leave it like that and not doing any immediate action to eliminate it.

When you talk about termite invasion it just means that you are going to encounter the entire colony of the termites, which can be very scary because once a termite bit you, you will surely feel great pain what more if there is a chance that more than one termite will bite you? You can’t easily see the termites because they are small and their skin, sometimes camouflages with the color of the woods. Remember that termites consume woods coming from the foundation of your house, so take time and realize how dangerous termites can be. That is why you should use termite baits in order to completely eliminate the whole colony of termites.

Termite baits have been used in a long period of time already because termite baits are one of the most efficient and effective ways to kill termites instantly. There are many advantages and disadvantages that you can get once you try using the termite baits.

Advantages of termite baits:

1. With the use of the termite baits, you can easily detect on which part the termites are living in your house, which is why using any kinds of tests to tell just where the termites are isn’t necessary.

2. Termite baits are easier to apply rather than using the liquid soil treatment around your house. But when applying this, you should make sure that you will wear a protection for your mouth and eyes, and make sure that no one is near you when you do this.

3. Termite baits are really expensive, but you will surely not regret it because the chance of it being a success is very high.

Disadvantages of termite baits:

1. Because the termite bait system uses slow-acting toxins, which means that you won’t instantly or immediately see the result of it, it depends on how big the entire colony is. But if you really want to speed up the process, then you can add liquid termiticides in the soil.

2. The termite bait systems do not provide anything that can stop the future termite infestation, but one thing for sure is that they won’t try to start a colony in the same place, because the scent of the chemicals that are used in the termite bait systems will be permanent.

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