Workers Compensation Lawyer


Claiming Workers Compensation for Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains can happen at any place, at any time, including your workplace. They can either occur independently or simultaneously and it falls under a valid workplace complaint. Workers compensation lawyers are there to help see through that your employer does not rob you of your compensation. There are multiple gradations of sprains and strains. These levels determine what the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive.

Classifications of sprains

Three classifications for sprain severity exist and the workers compensation lawyer uses this information to get you your compensation. The gradations are as follows.

Grade I Mild Sprain:

In this grade, there is little to no evidence of injury and the injured individual's functionality is not hindered or affected. There are traces of slight tearing of ligaments which do not result in the instability of the joints.

Grade II Moderate Sprain:

Individuals with this grade of injury experience minor loss of function and difficulty is experienced when putting stress or weight on the affected joint. Partial tearing of ligament is seen which creates bruising. The affected person experiences pain and some swelling.

Grade III Severe Sprain:

The final grade involves severe sprains, most of the time leading to the worker's immobilisation and leading to surgery. There is a major ruptures and tearing of the affected ligament, often multiple ligaments. The injured person experiences severe pain, bruising and swelling. The risk of future sprains in the injured area increases, which are quite common.