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What is the SkillSelect Program?

Since July 1, 2012, the skilled migration population applying for visa to Australia is being allowed entry into the country based on the requirements of the SkillSelect Program. The program has been devised keeping the economic needs of the country in mind, and by prioritizing the areas for which visa can be applied and the time when they can be applied, it is believed that the time taken to process visas will be significantly reduced.

The SkillSelect program has been devised by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, and by this they are attempting to change the way the immigration process to Australia works and make it more faster and efficient, and more in tune with the country’s need for skilled personnel.

How does it work?

SkillSelect is an online program that enables skilled personnel intent on migrating to Australia to log in and fill in their details along with an Expression of Intent (EOI). These interested potentials can then be selected and nominated by Australian industrialists, business people, or state and government officials who feel they have the need for their skills. Once these potentials have been sent an invitation, they can move forward and apply for a visa.

Skilled Independent – This is workers who are skilled and travel independently to Australia and are not sponsored by any resident Australian company or government department. They are allowed to live and work anywhere in Australia and may be allowed to bring their family.