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Domestic Violence Statistics in Australia

Domestic violence is a common problem between large numbers of couples across the world. While most people take years to identify the cause of violence in their relationship, the ones who do find it hard to come forward and seek help. There are several kinds of domestic violence in relationships.

While the most common one includes physical abuse, others include emotional, economic, social and sexual abuse too. If you are a victim of domestic violence or know someone who is a victim it is important to seek the help of family lawyers to help solve the problem.

Larger number of men attack women in relationships

When it comes to the issue of physical abuse, it is evident that a larger number of women are attacked by their partners. These injuries inflicted may result in grievous injuries and may sometimes cause permanent disabilities too. It is recorded that 3.6 times more women are killed or seriously inflicted with injuries by their partners.

These figures only represent the cases that are recorded or dealt with my medical professionals. In several homes, domestic violence is not reported either due to the lack of faith in the legal system by the victim or general fear to report it.

This is how and where family lawyers can actively support their clients or urge them to file legal law suits against their partners or spouses. This is the most effective way to reduce the incidence of domestic violence cases.

Emotionally abused victims require a lot of patience and time to deal with their problem. Family lawyers are the right people to help them legally in this case.