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Healthcare is the treatment and prevention of illness. Health care is delivered by professionals in medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and allied health. The social and political issues surrounding access to healthcare in the US have led to vigorous public debate and the almost colloquial use of terms such as health care, health insurance and public health.


Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Road accidents are a common occurrence in every country. Not every accident turns out to be a major incident though. In most cases accidents may lead to minor personal damage and injury. The most common cause of road and pedestrian accidents are speed or lack of focus on the road.

While there are several laws in place to protect the interest of both victims and vehicle owners, it is still important to understand that pedestrian accidents differ from road accidents. Road accidents are usually a result of car accidents while pedestrian accidents can be a result of anything.

Hit and Run accidents

A hit and run accident usually involves a vehicle driver hitting a pedestrian with the vehicle and not stopping to help or check if the pedestrian needs assistance. Hit and run cases are usually more common along highways or busy side roads. In hit and run cases one party is usually severely injured while the other is on the run.

This is why it becomes tougher to file for claims or judge who was really at fault between the pedestrian and vehicle owner. In most hit and run cases, Personal Injury Lawyers may need to ask witnesses to step forward in order to support accident claims. Sometimes hit and run cases may last several years.

The most unfortunate part about hit and run accidents is that justice is not always served and in most cases the driver of the vehicle that hit the pedestrian is not traced.

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