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What To Look for in A Web Designer

Check whether your web designers are capable of offering you a whole range of designs to choose from. Experienced and reliable designers will at least offer 3 different design series of master pages and then ask for feedback.

You can then choose the one that suits your business interests and send feedback on further modification. Ask your designer whether he can host hidden pages which are only accessible to you for feedback. This way, you can actually get to experience the dry run of your website before it goes live.

Professional & Ethical Standards

For example if your designer uses Dreamweaver for creating web pages, he should be equally comfortable with the design view as well as code view. Web design is an expert in web designing.

Apart from verifying the quality of service offered by a designer, it’s important to check whether he follows a strict anti piracy and zero infringement policy. You don’t want to face legal issues about your website later so choose web designers who are members of a well known national or international professional body.

SEO Campaign

A typical SERP (Search Engine Response Page) is no longer text only but consists of videos, news clips and images. An intelligent SEO strategy should be able to analyse its rankings for various keywords. You should make sure that the metrics of blue links are analysed properly. Regular content evaluation is the key to preserving good SEO rankings.

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