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Tips to Signwriting

There are many seasoned sign writers and signwriting companies that provide services in different and diverse areas. These cover the fields of traditional sign-writing, retail signage, 3D signage, automotive signs, commercial signage, directory panels and boards, driftwood sculpture, softwood engravings, custom signs, expositions and trade fair signage, residential signs, retail signage, and promotional signage.


Although it may seem an innocuous to you, but text spelling can and do have an effect. For instance a bar putting up a sign that says ‘child bear available here’ to advertise the availability of a wide variety of chilled beers would end up sending the wrong messages. Different people would interpret the text in different manners.

So you’d need to make sure that each and every word in your communication text should be correctly spelt before you can forward it to the sign writer.

Sign writing Sunshine Coast follows the guidelines so that the purpose of writing the text is served.

A for apples only and not aeroplanes

Your logo and company signage should be emblematic of the nature of business you’re into. And if you particularly need to attract passersby and moving traffic, then you should be very careful about your wordings. An outlet located just off the busy highway had a sign that screamed ‘Well air, come conditioned’ had many vehicle drivers and pedestrians scratching their heads in confusion. It was a men’s hair salon and all it wanted to say was ‘Welcome, air conditioned’.

The words should add up

It is very easy to mess up when you want to create a signage that you think would have a telling effect. Remember that your aim is to attract the attention of your target group and send the right vibes through your signwriting. So try to keep it as short and simple as possible.

Use bold letters and leave enough space between letters and words. Don’t try to cram or squeeze in too many words in one sign. There is also no room for making grammatical errors in today highly competitive business atmosphere.