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Things to Consider when Renting a Marquee

A marquee is a large tent like structure with open sides. It is generally used for outdoor activities. Most party hire services include the cost of renting a marquee in the total cost. It usually also includes one or more signboards to be placed above the entrance. There are several things that you should consider when shopping for marquee services.

The Event

The first and most important of all considerations is the event for which you need the marquee. The party hire services will ask you questions like - Is it a stand up event, do you need banquet tables, or will the guests be seated theatre style. Do you need a dance floor or performance area, a dais or a podium, probably for a band?

Is it a public event or a private gathering? Do you plan to provide eatables inside the marquee or will in a separate tent? All this will affect the size and shape of the structure to be erected.

For example, if the event requires a dance floor with banquet style tables, you would probably prefer a circular structure where as for a formal function with a stage or dais you may prefer a rectangular marquee.


Where the event is to be held is another important consideration. If the area is open to winds, the marquee may have to be weighted down. If the terrain is soft also you may need to weight down the structure. If pegging in is possible, a different sort of marquee may be used. Sun and rain also must be taken into account.

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