Multifocal Contact Lenses



What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Multifocal Contact Lens?

Multifocal contact lenses are such lenses which allow the wearer to focus on close, intermediate and far objects simultaneously. They are designed for those who already have myopia, cannot focus on things at a little distance and also need reading glasses.

These lenses are for those who have a different set of prescription for eyes, and is best suited for middle aged people with presbyopia, an age related problem of vision where one cannot focus clearly on near objects. You don’t have to worry about wearing lenses and yet carrying a reading glass or not being able to wear them at all due to multiple prescriptions anymore.

Types of multifocal lenses

Earlier the multifocal lenses were not so good and used to cause problems to the wearer at night or after a long day. Now you can get multifocal lenses in both soft lens option and rigid gas permeable ones. You can wear them all day and at all times without any discomfort whatsoever. The soft ones are perfect for you if you plan them to wear only for a few hours in a day.

The best are the one day disposable soft multifocal lenses as you can discard them every day at the end of the day and there is no maintenance hassle of lens care. The new age soft multifocal contact lenses are founded on the principle of synchronized vision as it places multiple powers on the wearer’s pupil at the same time. And this in turn focuses the light both from near and distant part of the lens to the retina at the same time. There is also an option of hybrid multifocal, which you can try out.

The multifocal lenses come in two main types of designs; the first type is the one with concentric circles of lens power for several viewing distances. The other type is the blended design where both the distance and near prescriptions are kept close to the center of the eye to offer you a natural viewing experience with slow transition.

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