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How to Choose between One Storey House and Two Storey House

In terms of square footage, two storey houses will often come in cheaper rates than one storey houses. The footprint too, being smaller, you can also have a lot more extra yard space. Moreover, a two storey house will have smaller roof than a one storey house which means that the cost of roof-replacement, if required, would also be much less.

However, for a one-time investment, a one storey house is relatively cheaper simply because of the smaller size. So it is finally your decision in which type to invest your money. In fact, any good residential home builders will offer you a lot of cost-effective packages for building your house. So, you can also go for them.

For a well-planned complete package of your future house, just consult efficient home renovations Brisbane. Not only will they build your home according to your needs, but they will also help you understand certain hidden needs that you had never thought about before.

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Staircase issue

This is another vital issue to be considered. If you are looking for a house for a family with old people or very small children, climbing up and down the stairs might be an extra bit of a hazard. Children can fall down and the elderly can find it hard to make frequent up and down movements. So for such families, one storey houses would be a good idea. That way, you can avoid the risk of anyone getting hurt because of the staircases.

Fire emergency

It is said that one storied houses are safer because you can vacate the house more quickly if there is any fire emergency. Climbing downstairs in such urgent situations may take up a lot of extra time. While this partially true, this problem can be solved with your initiative.

Talk to Home builders Moranbah if you plan to build a house. They can always make an emergency exit door upstairs so that there is no need to rush down in case of fire emergencies. This eliminates the risk factor of two storied houses, considerably.

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