Buying Forklifts

Fork lift sales are available in a variety of load bearing capacities i.e. the amount of weight they can lift. You will see forklifts starting at 3,000 lps to 35,000 lps. The average capacity ranges around 8000 lps. You need to look at the type of loads the forklift will be lifting as the given maximum capacity holds good only for cube shaped goods. For long or unusual shaped goods deduct at least 10% from the load bearing capacity.

What’s the tyre type?

If you need a forklift which has to work in aisles upto 10 feet wide, it’s best that you purchase a narrow aisle forklift. For aisles narrower than this, you will have to purchase a very narrow aisle forklift. If you are using your forklift indoors, check whether it has cushion tyres.

For outdoor work pneumatic tyres are the best especially if you can get solid tyres. Solid pneumatic tyres are protected against shards of glass and sharp nails which might be scattered around the warehouse. 

Your safety and comfort checklist

See whether your chosen forklift model has all the safety features like flash lights, backside beepers and headlights. Check whether the manufacturer has strictly followed all state safety regulations as a violation can lead to serious trouble afterwards.

Look for comfortable adjustable seats and an ergonomically friendly control as these are important in terms of preventing stress and injuries. Look very carefully at the maintenance plan and make sure that it covers all oil changes, filter replacements and service check ups in the warranty period.