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How to Polish a Wooden Floor

It has been sometime since you got a wooden floor installed. But it doesn’t look the same anymore. Even after repeated thorough washing, the shine just doesn’t come back. One of the ways to get that old shine back is Wooden floor polishing in Brisbane.

The first step is to choose the right polish for the process. Broadly, you have 3 choices. The best, long lasting finish will come from wax. But remember that wax cannot be used on a urethane finish. Also, if you are planning on refinishing floors again, removing wax would be extremely difficult. The most popular polish today is Polyurethane. This is so as the urethane finish for the wood is what most modern installations use. Shellac wood polish is the third option available to you. If you are not sure about which polish to use, reach out to the manufacturer for guidance.

Before applying wooden floor polishing, you must clean the floor. Carpets, rugs and furniture should be removed from the room. Sweep all the dust off the floor, and then use a damp cotton cloth to mop the floor to remove finer dust. If there is stubborn dust clinging to the surface, use cleaning products designed for wooden floors to clean them off. After this, let the floor dry for about an hour.

If you are using a wax polish, do a patch test first. For convince, divide the floor into square patches – and apply the wax on a small corner square. That is, on a dry cloth pour a few drops of wax and apply it in circular motion on the patch. Let it dry for a bit, and then use a dry cloth to buff the polish. If needed repeat the process again. This would let you know if the polish works for you, and how many coats you will ha ve to apply. You can also rent out an electric buffer to help you with wooden floor polishing.

Working with shellac or polyurethane polishes is much easier. Simply dip a cloth or a brush into the polish solution, and apply it with the grain of the floor. After the polish dries out, apply a second coat in the same way. Walk on the floor only after the polish dries out. It may take anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes for the polish to dry.

The polish will get back the shine to the floor, but do not over do wax polish as it will leave the floor very slippery and is dangerous.

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