Tile & Grout Cleaning



Cleaning Tiles and Grout

Each and every one of us surely does not find cleaning time an enjoying time. This is why we always clean in a hurry but surely just so we can do something fun afterwards. Nobody would surely want to clean for a whole day. One of the most difficult parts of the house to clean is the floor that is made of tiles because these tiles and grouts are often what get all the dirt on the floor. You may even think that you will need a whole day to clean the tiles and grout in your house. But for you to be able to clean it in a short period of time here are some cleaning tips that you can follow.

1. Get all the tools that you need for the cleaning of the tiles and grout.

One of the best ways for you to work easily and hassle free is to organize everything that you need and put them in one place where it is very accessible to you. The tools that you will need is a brush that will enable you to get the dirt in the grout even when you are standing so that you will not feel so tired to clean it. Cleaning it while you are kneeling on the floor will surely be a very hard task for you since in this way you will easily get tired and stressed. Standing may avoid getting tired easily. You will also need a spray for you to be able to moisten the grout so that the dirt will easily be removed. And do not forget the mop because this is what will clean the mess that you will be making.

2. Sweep and vacuum the areas that are need to be cleaned.

After gathering all the needed tools you can now start your cleaning process. The first thing that you must do is to sweep and vacuum the areas that you need to clean so that no additional dust or dirt will go into the grout giving you more mess to clean. Also, be sure to cover the carpets if you have or move it to the place where it will not be smudged with dirt during the cleaning process because you might just find yourself washing your carpet afterwards.

3. Apply the cleaning solution and start the actual cleaning.

Get your cleaning solution or mix it in accordance to how it should be mixed. After that, put the cleaning solution in the grout. Let it go into the grout for 10 minutes but do not let it dry. If it dries very quickly then you may need to put more cleaning solution just let it sit for 10 minutes and brush it. You will surely easily get the dirt out of the grouts. Occasionally clean the mess on the tiles so that it will not dry and make it harder for you to clean it. Since it is still moist, it will easily be removed by a damped mop. Do this to the entire area.

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