Tips in Maintaining your Tandem Trailer


A tandem trailer is a long rig truck with two trailers behind. It is often used for hauling heavy things or vehicles. It can also tow another truck by using a chain mounted to the end of the tandem trailer. If you have this in your possession, there could probably only one reason and that is you are making use of it for your business. Since tandem trailers are not cheap, in fact they are indeed very expensive, it is just right to make sure as the owner that all parts of it will be well maintained. Take note that precaution is a lot cheaper than cure besides when it comes to parts of these things, they are equally costly and there are times when they can’t be repaired, thus once damaged, there is nothing you can do but replace them.

For your guide, here are some tips about the proper maintenance of your tandem trailer:

- Lubricating the wheel bearings – you should see to it that the wheel bearings will be greased for at least once every season. To accomplish this, all you have to is take off the seal of the rubber that can be found on the cover of the bearing.

- Wheel bearing adjustments – once in a while, you should check the condition of the wheel bearings if they are still intact and do not need adjustments. You can check some DIY instructions on how to do this. You just have to remember though that if the bearings will be too tight, they might generate overheating and when it will be too loose, it could also cause early damage that could result to further failure of the system. That means that the one doing the checking up should be very knowledgeable enough as there is no room for error when it comes to the placement of bearings in tandem trailers.

- If you want your tandem trailer to always look like you just got it from the manufacturer, think of it as your own vehicle wherein every time you will notice it is already dirty, you will wash it thoroughly until it will spark like new again. You can even apply a wax over it to maintain the spark of the paint. In fact, if your tandem trailer comes with a fiberglass cap, waxing is really a must since they are constantly exposed to either the heat of the sun or the acidic water of the rain.

Since your tandem trailer is usually used with heavy loads, there is always the possibility of it being exposed to harmful factors that cannot be noticed right away if you will not take the time to check on it. That is why, as the owner, you should be the one to supervise the checking of your priced possession every after used. Take note that you will be the one to shoulder the consequences if something will be damaged because of neglect. So, take care of your tandem trailer and at the same time, you are also taking care of your investment.

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