Shipping to Australia



Parcel Forwarding Services to Australia

There are quite a few items, especially if you area self-defined geek, that are available for purchase only in US. Even if you are living in Australia, it is not very difficult to find these gems online. But as you decide to checkout, you would realize that these online stores do not ship to Australia! Fret not, listed here are four of the most reliable services that will provide US shipping to Australia.

These services will give you a US address to enter while checking out, and once they receive the item they would forward it to you in Australia.

Borderlinx will provide you a shipping address to use for shopping in both US and UK just for creating free account on their website. They use DHL for all couriers, unless they do not deliver at your location. This means the delivery is as reliable as it gets. Borderlinx will also allow you to consolidate products from different shopping sites to help you cut down cost. The members’ area provides you with an estimated shipping cost and lets you track your shipment.

HopShopGo, powered by the forwarding service ComGateway provides a “Buy For Me” service. That means, you let them know what you need and they will place an order for the products from whichever seller you want. Then, on receipt of the products, will provide US shipping to Australia service. HopShopGo also provides a time and cost calculator that would estimate all costs involved and time taken from the moment you place order with sellers till the moment the shipment reaches your doorstep. Along with consolidating your orders, they also provide a service to repackage your products for more economical shipping.

VPOST is another good forwarding service that would provide you with shipping addresses in US, Japan and Europe – meaning you can shop online in all these places. Unlike the earlier 2 services, VPOST ships out only to 5 countries: Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand and, of course, Australia. Because of this they also provide shipping discount if you use a local credit card for payment.

Shipito is not just a parcel forwarding service, but also a storage space. After you place an order with a shipping address provided by Shipito, they can store your items for up to 90 days. This allows you to consolidate many more items than you can with other services. This US shipping to Australia service is best match for you if you make a lot of purchases. The saving you make packaging and shipping charges should easily outweigh the $50 a year that Shipito charges.

With these choices available, you don’t have to worry about getting your wares shipped to Australia from the US.