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The Most Luxurious Office Chairs in History

Your chair is one office furniture that you should really invest in. After all you will be sitting in it most hours of the day. It is therefore important to be very good in choosing the right affordable office furniture Sydney to ensure your comfort and minimize stress levels. However, there are some chairs in history that might be too luxurious and expensive even for us who would want to splurge on our office furniture. Here are some chairs that may surprise you:

    • Oculus Chair. It was designed by Hans. J Wegner in 1960 and was originally priced at $5.350 per piece. This chair is constructed so that the back and neck support would be able to adapt to the needs of the one who is sitting. It has stainless steel legs and is upholstered in true leather but there are other fabric options available. But the most distinguishing feature of this chair is hole in the back which looks like an eye, where it got its name - an oculus.

    • Nelson Coconut Chair – this chair was released more than half a century ago by the designer George Nelson and is still widely popular today. The design has shallow sides and cures and was influenced by a coconut as is stated in the name and allows you to sit in any comfortable position. This chair was originally priced at $5.439.

    • Bertoia Assymetric Chaise – This is the most popular chair in the metallic chair collection of Harry Bertoia in 1932. However, it was widely released only in 2005. This office chair is one of the most durable office furniture you may encounter as it is made of welded steel rods.

    • Egg Chair – originally designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1934 and sold at $7.891, this chair remains in the list of the most popular choices for furniture because it is unique and very comfortable to sit in. It can be upholstered with any material and has a foot stool to rest your very tired feet at the end of the day.

    • Gerhry Power Play Club Chair – this chair is valued at $9.330 per piece and was designed by Frank Gehry for Knoll. The chair is made up of maple strips which gave it flexibility and durability at the same time. Gerhry Power Play Club Chairs can be customized to even have seat cushions for more comfort.

Now that you’re familiar with these chairs, it is time to decide, are you really willing to spend that amount of money for one piece of office furniture?