Avoiding Crushing Injuries in Construction

The responsibility of taking care of the whole construction process, the employees and all of the concerns are of those in charge of the whole construction process. Those in charge are, of course responsible for the welfare and safety of the employees and all assigned during the construction process. They are also responsible to protect the employees and even site visitors against the danger of being crushed by heavy machinery and other construction equipment, debris and anything hazardous from the site.


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One study proved that crushing accidents happen accidentally because of the fault of workers from other workers. Statistics proved that someone is affected by his co-worker’s fault in the construction. In this case, someone is killed because of the action of others. This proves that the action of an individual in a construction process affects the whole population carrying out the construction or deconstruction process. One false move and everyone suffer from it. Everyone is responsible for their own safety and the safety of the people around the construction site.

It is important that the people who carry out responsibilities during the construction process have their own certificate that proves they have the knowledge and skills in executing the job which may lessen the possibilities of crushing hazard and crushing danger during the process of either construction or deconstruction or both.

Some cause of the crushing and falling incidents which are most likely end up to killing someone else’s life is the improper security of loading objects. Objects that are not securely loaded are always the subject for the cause of death of a worker or visitor in a construction site. Workers or any person can be crushed because of these falling objects. Their body can be crushed into parts because falling objects can be really heavy.

Another common cause of crushed bodies of the workers are because of the equipment used or even the machines used. Sometimes because of the negligence of the operators or people assigned to the machines, other people are brought into problems such as crushing accidents.

Crushing incidents are really awful but will be avoided and prevented if before construction or deconstruction, there is preventive measures or planning of taking care of the safety and regulation measures within the site. Planning ahead of time, assigning people to tasks, securing exits and entrance of the site are just some of the things you can do to prevent and avoid crushing accidents.