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Advice for Caravan Suspension Upgrade

The convenience and comfort a caravan gives to road travelers are immeasurable. First, it is like your little home away from home. It is equipped with home necessities like a bed, kitchenette, dinette, and even comfort and shower rooms. Second, you can place as many as stuff as you want as a caravan is made with enough storage rooms for long travel. Travelers do not have to worry about food spoilage as it has a mini refrigerator. Thus, road traveling becomes a joy if you have a caravan. However, it is not free from any damage and there will come a time when caravan owners need to have their caravan suspension upgrade.

Two reasons for caravan suspension upgrade

The two main reasons are: to increase the payload and to improve rig’s ride and handling. If you will choose the suspension carefully, caravan owners will be able to achieve the two reasons for caravan suspension upgrade. Proper upgrade of the suspension will increase the life of the caravan and you save on some money from getting a newa one.

What is involved

The process of caravan suspension upgrade involves two steps. The first is the replacement of the axels and suspension. There is now a trend in caravan suspension upgrade where the traditional leaf suspension is no longer practiced by the majority. Instead, the highly-evolved coil and independent air suspension systems are the latest trends for the upgrade. The new system gives better ride and handling of the caravan. Also, it drastically increases the load capacity of the caravan from 1600 kilograms to 2000 kilograms.

Then, the process of caravan suspension upgrade might also increase the height of the vehicle, so owners need to take into consideration the length of the annex because by raising the rig of the caravan, a gap between the ground and the bottom of the canvas will be created.

There are other factors to consider lime the changing of brakes or safety chains, especially if the new ATM leads the caravan into another category. If you will change the rig of the caravan to make it suitable for off-road or rough terrains, then you also need to change the tires and the coupling.

If you are opting for a major caravan suspension upgrade, say from the traditional leaf suspension to the air and coil independent, you will need to change all tires as the caravan will increase the load capacity.

The wheel arch design will also be affected with the suspension upgrade.