Alarm Systems



Different Types of Alarm Systems

As you may know, alarm systems are very important nowadays to secure the safety of yourself and your family. There are wide types of alarm system that are available and their purpose. Different companies have different price range according to what type of alarm system you need. Your alarm needs might be dependent on your surroundings.

Burglar alarms are designed to catch the burglars. This sends off silent warning to policemen which increase the chance of them being caught. This is the common type of alarm system that are widely used; from residential, commercial, industrial to military buildings. Some burglar alarms include hidden cameras that record the activities inside that can be used as evidence. It has sensors which can detect intrusions based on motions, sound vibration and other disturbances.

Car alarm system is usually installed in modern cars today. Unlike burglar alarm that sends off signal to policemen, Car alarm works differently. This emits high volume of sound when a theft tries to open the car without authorization or proper keys. You can have installed if your company have not have any car alarms.

Fire alarm system is a useful alarm system that can be installed in your home. The alarm is set to detect certain level of smoke and heat, when it does detect that there is fire it will produce loud bell or siren and in many cases it will produce blinking lights for people with hearing problems. There are several types of fire alarm system; Manual fire alarm system also known as manual pull station and automated devices.

Alarm clocks are designed to ring or alarm in an every specific time or times of the day. A person can set what time would the alarm clock will alarm or produce sound so they can wake up from a short nap or in the morning. To stop the alarm clock from producing sound, there is a button that is needed to be pressed. In this times, most alarm clock stops at a certain time frame and snooze after a couple of minutes or hours.

There are other types of alarm systems but the ones listed above are just some of most common. Due to increasing state of technologies, some company already built an alarm system which is multi-functional. Example is a burglar alarm which is also equipped with fire and panic alarm and alarm clock at the same time. Many manufacturers have already developed high technology alarm systems. Price rang may vary from manufacturer and its function and there are wide variety of alarm systems that are available depending on your needs.